Our Business Process

Our business processes aim to maintain our standard and to improve the quality of our services. They bring substantial benefits to clients.


Project Planning coordinates all project activities into an optimum timeframe.
Feasibility planning concept planning delivery planning
Feasibility Planning is undertaken with minimum amount of documentations to assist the clients in understanding their needs and options. Concept Planning is the development of Feasibility Planning which puts together the various elements of the project. Delivery Planning is the development of Concept Planning into more detail working programs and specific schedules. Project planning is controlled by medium and short range programs which are developed from the overall program of the project.


The consultant selection is carried out with the objective to meet Client’s requirements.
The selection of consultants can be derived by filtering the consultant short listing from different scale of project, discipline, expertise and market sector.


Client brief, design brief concept design design development detail design, documentation design completion
The process including the preparation of project brief, design estimates, value engineering, professional services agreement, document scopes, standard specifications, design documentation and risk management.


Authority approvals team formation site mobilisation project construction strategy commence work
The objective of this process is to ensure that the construction activities are able to be carried out effectively. Pre-construction review becomes the construction strategy and documentation must be approved prior to works commencing.


Cost reports, progress reports and reviews during construction stage => post construction reviews
Project Review Agenda is developed to monitor the status of the project at regular intervals.


Head contract administration site instructions requests for information documentation during construction activities Tools have been developed for an effective project management for example:


Drawing and specification control document in document out
All project documents are controlled with a central register. The objective of this process is to control all documents and track actions. Tools that are in placed for instance Drawing and Controlled Document Register, Transmittal and Document Record.


This is to increase customer satisfaction by planning for completion, establishing system for handover of the project to the Client and managing post-completion issues.